Welcome and thank you for taking time to visit with us at SENWOT NELLA FILMS a subsidiary of SENWOT NELLA MEDIA. We anticipate you'll find our website informative and interesting. As you explore our pages and projects, you'll garner a sense of SENWOT NELLA FILMS' unique position in the emerging arena of independent film development.
For 10 years our film division has been creating unique television shows, documentaries and films which reflect an innovative, forward thinking independent film company, recognizing the need to evolve with an ever changing audience. Establishing presence by launching television shows and documentaries such as, Secrets -- a drama series, The CLOSET -- a dvd-drama series and currently a webseries, Signs Of Deception -- a Documentary, and Counter/Point -- a daily morning television news commentary show.

At SENWOT NELLA FILMS our goal is to continue to penetrate the motion picture industry just as Alfred Hitchcock, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Spike Lee did -- by creating motion pictures and television shows that focus on ordinary people being drawn into an extraordinary and unique chain of events -- enabling, you the audience to reap the benefits of being uniquely entertained.

The mission of SENWOT NELLA FILMS is to produce documentaries, motion pictures and television shows that provide viewers with current, candid and resourceful information on controversial topics and misinterpreted issues that affect the beliefs of society.



Maurice Townes
VP of Films

Kevin F. Allen
VP of Sales & Marketing

Shannon L. Crawford
VP of Sounds