THE CLOSET web series

The CLOSET web series, one of the most groundbreaking drama series of its kind. The CLOSET takes an in-depth look at the lives of a 6 multi-cultural men -- Emory Lawson, Zachary Sledge, Isaiah Edwards, Nathaniel C. Bullock, Brice Hennedy and Ricardo Iglesias. Serving a bold dose of human life which reflect real stories and going where no other series has gone, The CLOSET, is sure to provide stimulating water cooler and internet conversations. The CLOSET lifts the veil of controversy with its willingness to display and openly discuss the intimate and spiritual beliefts surrounding all lifestyles. The CLOSET web series debuts in March 2017 with 10 web-episodes on Tv4U Network. Learn more about The CLOSET web series my visiting www.thecloset.tv


Documentary Focus: Subject Matters That Matter

Documentary Focus concentrates on subject matters which are educational, entertaining and unique.  This documentary series will release multiple shows a week, focusing on different subject matters. Documentary Focus premieres this Fall on Tv4U Network with the subject matter Signs Of Deception: Exploring the hidden sexual lives of men.

Subject Matter: Signs of Deceptions

With AIDS and HIV plaguing African American women, Senwot Nella Media created a documentary to address the problem head on. Welcome Kevin, a former down low man, into your home as he graphically uncover this secret world with up close and personal:

  • Interviews with current and former men with Hidden Sexual Lives
  • Interviews with women who have been affected by this behavior
  • A women's forum explaining their feelings disappointment and disbelief
  • Kevin with New York Times Best Selling Author, JL King, give the Top 10 Signs of Deceptive Behavior
  • Women within a forum confronting men who live Hidden Sexual Lives
  • Interviews from men currently living Hidden Sexual Lives will intrigue you as they truthfully explain their manipulation tactics towards their women/wives, their fears of exposure and their struggle to stay deeply hidden or to come clean.



Counter/Point is very different from other shows of its type because news, political commentary, and controversial cutting edge topics are discussed with opinionated guest and celebrities, while the hosts provide a counter/point during the sparkling discussions and debates.  Hosts Kevin & Maurice present their viewers of subject matters and topics that are discussed in a manner which exposes the core thoughts, opinions and motives of their guest and issues.

 TBA 2017 on Tv4U

Rick & Ruby Live at Exposè

If you're a baby boomer i'm sure you recall the elegant muscial acts and shows of yesteryear. Do you yern to share those acts/shows/music memories with the millennial? Well wait no longer beginning last QTR of 2015, you'll have that opportunity. Rick & Ruby Live at Exposè is a weekly musical entertainment show. Eric & Ruby Montgomery are the husband and wife team that's the creating force and the musical talent of the entertainment show. Rick & Ruby Live at Exposè is filmed weekly at Exposè in Snellville, Georgia.

Released: Fall 2017 on Tv4U

SECRETS, is an informative, hypnotic and compelling dramatic series which grows on viewers in the most important way a good television drama series should: by encouraging curiosity about the growth and fate of key characters. One quickly falls in love with this self-funded independent original drama series because it’s drama displays a catalog of the “secrets” which troubles most of the characters who are struggling with their secret issues such as, drug and/or sex addiction, anorexia, hoarding, sexuality and cheating, just to name a few. Within 5 minutes of viewing episode 1 the viewer is already hooked and care about the humanity of the series dysfunctional characters. SECRETS, offers informative, yet entertaining topics for its mature audience.

$300,000.00 is needed to film season 1, which is 8 episodes. We have over 15 PERKS/REWARD LEVELS, which provides an excellent win-win for the project and the donor/sponsor. PLEASE support us and fund us by donating now. To peak at the budget view the campaign. Thank you for all of your help!

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Release Date: TBD
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There's nothing better than a great film with unpredictable characters, storylines and plot twist... I love when the audience says 'that came from out of nowhere'. Developing a story and then working with wonderful actors who truly bring your characters to life it's amazingly delightful.”.
---- Director Maurice, VP Of Films