"Character development, preparing for auditions, understanding scripts and how to totally become a particular character are just a few topics I'm looking forward to presenting to students.", states Broadcast Director, Screenwriter, Editor, Maurice Townes, who's one of the instructors of the course.

Acting Techniques

Creating Actor with above standard techniques.


Character evolution is ESSENTIAL.

Movies & TV

How movies & television shows are made.


How to prepare for auditions.


What Movie & TV credits mean.

Film Definitions

We teach Actors film industry terms & definitions.

Acting School

We believe actors should develop the skills to take control of their own destiny. SNFilms Acting School is the perfect teaching environment that will provide you the opportunity to “spotlight” your industry knowledge beyond acting skills.  We will teach you how to write, produce and direct your own work as an independent filmmaker, so you don’t have to wait for acceptance to “star” in industry productions.

Don't delay be the first to enroll, class sizes are limited.  Enroll TODAY don't DELAY.  Enrollment is on a first come first served basis.  We do not hold spot for entry. To enroll you must be at least 18 of years.

Our 6-week, 4.5 hours weekly curriculum is:
2 hours of lecture room studies
2.5 hours of workshop training 

You have the option to select 1 of the 3 lecture studies: 

Monday evenings 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm or
Tuesday mornings 9:30 am to 11:30 am or
Thursday mornings 9:30 am to 11:30 am or
Note:  Lecture room studies are limited to 10 students per class.  

Workshop training is held Saturdays from 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm.

Lessons & Workshop Training is currently held at the event venue:
My Girlfriendz Place
5052 Redan Road
Stone Mountain, Georgia 30088
(678) 653-FILM (3456).

If you have questions, email us at contactus@snfilms.net place “Acting Class” in the subject or call or text us at (678) 653-FILM (3456).

Lets turn your dream of being an ACTOR into reality!

 Actor Kenyon Glover studied under Director Maurice...

The Creation of SNFilms Acting School

From the release of his first broadcast drama series in 2003 entitled, The CLOSET, which was screened in a packed movie theater at the New York International Independent Film Festival in 2004, Director Maurice has always had a soft spot for actors. "It is undisputable, actors are the backbone of motion pictures and television industry.", states Director Maurice.  As an independent filmmaker for his first broadcast televised project, Director Maurice decided to "give-back" by casting mostly novice talent to portray some of his characters, creating a bridge for new talent to enter the tightly knit bubble of the film industry. Very quickly he discovered most of his talent was not knowledgeable about acting, not to mention the entire filmmaking process, so he developed SNFilms Acting School.  The entire cast of The CLOSET attended SNFilms Acting School.  "It is because of the actor's talents, and them attending SNFilms Acting School, Senwot Network Films landed a primetime spot on Q Television Network and The CLOSET was broadcasted in over 3.7 million homes across America. I will always be very grateful to my actors as they are grateful to me for giving them an opportunity most Directors would not.", states Director Maurice.  Below is a trailer from the broadcast drama series, The CLOSET.   


"It is very important to me that SNFilms Acting School prepares our acting student to walk onto any film production set and have a complete in-dept knowledge of the entire filmmaking process.", states Director Maurice.

About SNFilms

At SENWOT NETWORK FILMS our goal is to continue to penetrate the motion picture industry just as Alfred Hitchcock, James Cameron, George Lucas and Spike Lee did -- by creating motion pictures and television shows that focus on ordinary people being drawn into an extraordinary and unique chain of events -- enabling, you the audience to reap the benefits of being uniquely entertained.

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