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Greetings thank you all for your interest in SNFilms Acting School. Unfortunately, the Sponsorship Program has ended. We are providing a 2 for 1 SPECIAL OFFER, because some missed the Sponsorship Program. This SPECIAL OFFER is 2 students may enroll during the SPECIAL OFFER for the price of 1 student. It's a 2 for 1 deal. Don't miss this SPECIAL OFFER, enroll today don't delay!

If you aspire to be an actor, or if your current acting skills need an industry tune-up, SNFilms Acting School's 6-week course of lessons and practical workshop are for you.  We do not limit acting students by only teaching acting skills. Upon completion of our 4.5 hours weekly curriculum, you will have a comprehensive knowledge of filmmaking, filmmaking careers, and production definitions. You will also learn how to prepare for an audition, how to read/understand scripts & storyboards and of course, understanding character development, just to name a few.  We are certain, when one of our acting students walks onto any film production set, they’re completely ready to command their role by using our proven acting skills in bringing to life the character they’ve been selected to portray.  SNFilms Acting School’s curriculum places our acting students above most.

Please review Acting School information thoroughly, if additional questions call/text (678) 653-FILM (3456).



Welcome and thank you for taking time to visit with us at Senwot Network Films fondly referred to as SNFilms.    SNFilms and Senwot Network Sounds (SNSounds) are two subsidiaries of the parent company Senwot Network Media commonly referred to as SNMedia.  We are an American based independent production company, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.  We anticipate you’ll find our sites to be interesting and informative and we believe you’ll garner a sense of our unique position in the emerging arena of independent film and music development.  Created May 1998 with then partner, Kevin F. Allen, under the name of Senwot Nella Production.  On October 15, 2001, the company officially launched and began production of its first broadcast series, The CLOSET.  In July of 2017 the company underwent a major reorganization and became Senwot Network Media to maximize its position in the broadcast/motion picture industry.  Founded by Maurice Townes who's last name spelled backwards gives title to the company's unique name; Maurice Townes (Senwot) holds the positions of Chief Executive Officer & Vice President of Films.  Townes' corporate America background collectively includes Fortune 500 companies such as, IBM, Norrell Health Care and Oglethorpe Power Corporation, as well as, several branches of the Federal Government. This foundation prepared them for the large-scale motion picture, music, and television projects they create and handle today.

With over 20 years in the industry, SNFilms is a main-stay, aggressively maintaining the integrity of developing unique films, documentaries, drama series, such as, The CLOSET, a dvd drama series which is still a fan favorite since its release in the early 2000's currently streaming as a web-series on YouTube with over 220k per episode.

At SNFILMS our goal is to continue to penetrate the motion picture industry just as Alfred Hitchcock, James Cameron, George Lucas and Spike Lee did -- by creating motion pictures and television shows which focus on ordinary people being drawn into an extraordinary and unique chain of events -- enabling, you the audience to reap the benefits of being uniquely entertained.

Senwot Network Films is very proud SNFilms Acting School is open.  Enroll TODAY don't DELAY.  SNFilms Acting School's curriculum is designed to teach Actors not only "how to act" but the entire filmmaking process from an Actor's lens.

CONGRATULATIONS, Senwot Network Films, has been greenlighted to create a roller skating documentary entitled “QUADS: a Sk8 Documentary.”  SNFilms has produced a number of projects including; the Q-Television episodic drama series, The CLOSET, Living on the Low, a documentary with New York Times Best Selling Autor JL King discussing downlow behaviors, as well as, worked with Debra Wilson on the Showtime production “Jumping the Broom: A New Covenant”, a documentary outlining Black historical marriage in America. 

Charged by his infectious enthusiasm for roller skating, SNFilms’ Director Maurice Townes aka DirectorMaurice (Instagram), is all set to captivate and inspire the skating communities from around the world, with his revolutionary skating documentary currently entitled, QUADS: a Sk8 Documentary.  Director Maurice states, “The production outline is already in development.  I’m reaching out to quad event planners, such as Joi Loftin of Joi’s Sk8-A-Thon, skate groups, skate teams and just skaters, because I want as many skaters as possible to be a part of this ground-breaking documentary.  The goal of QUADS: a Sk8 Documentary is to unite the quads skating communities across the nation even the globe, by pulling skaters who have not skated in years back to their skates and to introduce new generations to quad skating with all of its charm and style.”

Production is scheduled to begin immediately in Atlanta, Georgia, which is one of the well-known skating hubs of the United States, and conclude during late October 2024.  The release date is currently scheduled for Winter 2025. 

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is an informative, hypnotic and compelling dramatic webseries. 

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Trust No One, Especially Yourself. 

a motion picture

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Everybody has at least one.

an episodic

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Signs Of Deceptions

Exploring the Hidden Sexual Lives Of Men.

a Docu-Series

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Global Warning

An asteroid the size of Texas is hurtling towards Earth, the least of humanity's problems. 

a Motion Picture

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Jester will feed on your FEAR!

an episodic 

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Cover Stories

The CLOSET web series

"It's back! Finally!" states, fans of The CLOSET Drama web series.  

EP11 of The CLOSET Drama web series, Actor, Isaias Castañeda joins the cast as Ricardo Iglesias.

"Episode 11 was released last year and I'm editing episode 12, which is scheduled for February 2023," states Director Maurice who's also one of the creators of the web series which was developed from the dvd-Drama Series from Senwot Nella Production's 2003 release under the name, The CLOSET: Diversity That Bonds, Part 1. "When my mom transitioned I dropped everything. It's taken some time to get back on track, but we're back and things are moving forward quite excellent for the web series. The fans are finally getting to see the continuation of the stories. New stories will be developed and..." states Director Maurice who's clearly struggles where to continue with his thought, "I don't want to get ahead of myself, but, fans of the series need to know...

Product Placement Discounts & special offers

Consider a "Backdrop" and/or "Product Placement" type of advertising within one of our electrifying projects.

Advertise your BUSINESS/PRODUCT/SERVICE by allowing SNFilms to create/develop a 15-second, 30-second, 45-second, and/or 60-second commercial/spot/advertisement. 

To guarantee your BUSINESS/PRODUCT/SERVICE are actually seen by your demographic choose Product Placement Advertising. Keep this in mind, with the advent of DVRs most viewers forward pass commercial, with Product Placement advertising your products and/or services are never missed. Here’s why, Product Placement Advertising actually places your products/services within the storylines and/or backdrops of a scenes and/or segments within one of SNFilms projects.

Geir Ness - Laila & Geir Product Placement The CLOSET

’’My product was strongly integrated into the story narrative… was positively mentioned in several different context, and the actors emotionally engaged with the product while using it on screen.’’


Acting Class ENROLLMENT has started.  Enroll NOW class space is limited. Our 6-week curriculum prepares talent to enter the film & television industry.  Join our acting class & workshop and acquire the skills that all great actors share: mastery of voice and movement, free access of your imagination, and the ability to command character development. Bring characters and conflict to life and connect with your audiences’ emotions and experiences all while getting the best education film acting schools can offer.

Please review Acting School information thoroughly, if additional questions call/text (678) 653-FILM (3456).

Need a Spot/Commercial

SNFilms Spot/Commercial Packages are designed to allow small and medium size businesses to compete for customers on a level playing field with larger corporations.

Top 10 Signs Of Downlow Behavior and More

JL King, New York Times bestselling Author of "On The Down Low", formed an alliance with SNFilms, producer of the jaw-dropping, groundbreaking dvd-drama series, The CLOSET.  Together, these two power houses have created a provocative docudrama entitled, The TOP 10 Signs of Down Low Behavior and More...

JOBS, We're Hiring

Join the dynamic employees of Senwot Network Media. The following positions are available: procurement, film director(s), film location scouts, film producers, film editor(s), and production crew members.  


Writing the script and developing the characters is moving forward on Director Maurice's most prize possession, "The Dark Worm Hole". The title of the film has been changed to "The Anomaly" and several characters have been removed and several have been added.  "I had no choice but to change the name.  I'm two hundred pages in and Captain Calloway's vessel, Callysto, enters an anomaly not a worm hole, the reason for the name change.   I've made several major changes since my first conception--the main change--it's no longer a motion picture, it's currently an episodic." --- Director Maurice    

Pen's, Nero's Fiddle

Author Pen selected Director Maurice to develop a trailer/preview for her action apocalypse novel entitled "Nero's Fiddle."  


Have a show/story idea or a completed script for a television drama, comedy series or documentary?  If so consider submitting your show idea to SNFilms, we accept non-solicited project ONLY after obtaining your signature on our non-disclosure agreement  and of course signing your non-disclosure agreement as well.     


In The works 

Get up-to-date information on new and upcoming film projects from SNFilms...

The Towers

Developing Characters, Writing Script

The Anomaly

Writing Script


Writing Script

QUADS: a Sk8 Documentary

Interview Skaters
begins August 2023

  • Rick & Ruby LIVE!

    Rick & Ruby live is an American variety show.  This on screen and off screen couple is a must hear or should we say see?  Currently, Rick & Ruby are headlining on Carnival Cruise Lines International division and will return to the states in November 2023.



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At SENWOT NETWORK FILMS our goal is to continue to penetrate the motion picture industry just as Alfred Hitchcock, James Cameron, George Lucas and Spike Lee did -- by creating motion pictures and television shows that focus on ordinary people being drawn into an extraordinary and unique chain of events -- enabling, you the audience to reap the benefits of being uniquely entertained.

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