In an absolutely necessary move, the principles of Senwot Nella Media, LLC, Maurice Townes & Kevin F. Allen, announced last month their plans to create "Tv4U Network." The new Internet streaming Network is designed to entertain, inform and inspire people from around the world by offering a diverse slate of programming aimed at baby boomer and millennial audiences. Tv4U will debut with a soft launch in March 2017 and a full launch date to be announced during the third QTR 2017. "Fifteen years ago, I wanted so much to have one of our projects on a television network and it did occurred, one of our project was aired on a Network. Unfortunately that Network failed. During the years we have done all that's possible to get a Network to green-light one of our projects, and it hasn't happened. Fortunately, with the Internet (i.e. youtube, streaming, etc.) the broadcast media industry has massively changed, with those platforms being in place, filmmakers no longer have to beg, plead or pitch a project to a limited Network; with all due respect, I say limited because Networks are not global; however, the internet is. Now a days you can launch your own projects just as Netflix has done with Orange Is The New Black and Hulu has done with House Of Cards. Tv4U Network can be seen globally, streaming to your desktop, laptop, tablet, watch, cell phone---any mobile device---and to place the cherry on the top of the dessert, the slogan of Tv4U Network is, 'a NETWORK where U decide'. Meaning, our streamers, audience, viewers gets to be the Programming Directors by selecting, suggesting, and deciding our Network programming, hence, Tv4U." Tv4U offers a diverse mix of original series, acquired programming, films and documentaries. Tv4U's soft launch occurs on Tuesday, March 21, 2017 at 1:00 PM EST with the debut of Senwot Nella Films' dramatic web series The CLOSET, followed by the premiere of two weekly programs, a documentary series entitled, Documentary Focus, on Thursday, April 6, 2017 and a musical entertainment show entitled Rick & Ruby Live at Exposé is currently in scheduling negotiations. Tv4U will launch their full schedule of programming during the 3rd QTR of 2017. Visit Tv4U at tv4unetwork.com

THE CLOSET web series

The CLOSET web series, one of the most groundbreaking drama series of its kind. The CLOSET takes an in-depth look at the lives of a 6 multi-cultural men -- Emory Lawson, Zachary Sledge, Isaiah Edwards, Nathaniel C. Bullock, Brice Hennedy and Ricardo Iglesias. Serving a bold dose of human life which reflect real stories and going where no other series has gone, The CLOSET, is sure to provide stimulating water cooler and internet conversations. The CLOSET lifts the veil of controversy with its willingness to display and openly discuss the intimate and spiritual beliefts surrounding all lifestyles. "Over 10 years ago The CLOSET was released as a dvd-drama series, and during my birthday month, Kevin (i.e. Kevin F. Allen, co-creator / co-screenwriter) suggested we create The CLOSET web series because there is an entire generation which has never heard of the series not to mention the world has changed drastically since 2004.", states Director Maurice. The CLOSET web series debuts in March 2017 with 10 web-episodes on Tv4U Network. Learn more about The CLOSET web series my visiting www.thecloset.tv

Documentary Focus: Subject Matters That Matter

Documentary Focus concentrates on subject matters which are educational, entertaining and unique.  "Unlike television network shows, our documentary series may release multiple shows a week, focusing on a different subject matter.  For example, our premiere kicks off with the show focusing on the hidden sexual lives of men, this subject matter will have a least 10 episodes, and what's great is we'll release additional shows focusing on different subject matters.  At any given time, viewers will have the option of selecting which episodes they would like to watch depending on which subject matter they would like to see.", states Kevin F. Allen, one of the Executive Producers of the documentary series.  Documentary Focus premieres this Fall on Tv4U Network with the subject matter Signs Of Deception: Exploring the hidden sexual lives of men.   

A Funding Campaign for SECRETS

PLEASE assist with our funding campaign. We're seeking $300,000 to film season 1, which is 8 episodes. Thank you for your support!

SECRETS, is an informative, hypnotic and compelling dramatic series which grows on viewers in the most important way a good television drama series should: by encouraging curiosity about the growth and fate of key characters. One quickly falls in love with Senwot Nella Media's self-funded original television drama series because its storylines display a catalog of problems which troubles ALL of the characters who are struggling with "secrets" such as, drug/sex addiction, anorexia, hoarding, sexuality and cheating, just to name a few. The intrinsic web of love, mystery, lies, manipulation and deceit become quickly apparent, when viewers eavesdrop on the first episode. SECRETS, offers informative, yet entertaining topics. The array of characters and their scenarios cleverly create a strong bed of logic, woven into provocative storylines destined to interest adults within all demographics.

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Hollywood Kid sitting at the helm.

Senwot Nella Media the parent company of Senwot Nella Films has reformatted their music division. Senwot Nella Music has been renamed, Senwot Nella Sounds. "This change is a result of the many facets of the music division, which includes, but is not limited to, producing foley, bedding, musical scores, etc. We produce all of the 'sounds' which are needed for our television and motion picture projects." states Vice President of Film, Maurice Townes. The 'music' division elements will be headed up by Hollywood Kid. Hollywood Kid aka Shannon L. Crawford, is the owner of Hollywood Kid Entertainment Group (HKEG). Townes continues, "We're delighted to have Shannon join our team as the Vice President of Sounds. Hollywood Kid Entertainment Group (logo displayed on left) is well established in the indy music world. We've known Shannon for over 10 years. This alliance is an awesome "hand in glove" partnership in which all who's involved will benefit." HKEG will provide SN Films with musical talent for all television and film projects, while at the same time, providing a platform of promoting, endorsing and launching HKEG musical talents to viewers. HKEG will oversee the executive production schedules of the sound elements while completely handling the day-to-day activities of the music elements and the musical artist associated with the projects.

An ELEGANT Night of Music
Rick & Ruby Live at Expos

If you're a baby boomer i'm sure you recall the elegant muscial acts and shows of yesteryear. Do you yern to share those acts/shows/music memories with the millennial? Well wait no longer beginning last QTR of 2017, you'll have that opportunity. Rick & Ruby Live at Exposé is a weekly musical entertainment show. Eric & Ruby Montgomery are the husband and wife team that's the creating force and the musical talent of the entertainment show. "Viewers will recognize Rick & Ruby as the on screen couple, Walter & Clara Winners from the web series The CLOSET. We all knew Ruby was a singer/stage performer, we've seen her on stage and she's outstanding. Because of scheduling conflicts I could never get to see their show. Then Eric gave Ruby a surprise birthday party and ofcourse I was in attendance so I finally got to see them perform as Rick & Ruby. Don't get confused, when Eric is performing on stage he's 'Rick'. When I saw their show I immediately knew we had to develop an entertainment show, so Rick & Ruby Live at Exposé was born. We're very pleased with the development of this entertainment show. Ruby and Eric are truly developing a unique musical entertainment show. They have elements of the muscial shows from the past combined with all of the new technology of today.", states Director Maurice. Rick & Ruby Live at Exposé is filmed weekly at Exposé in Snellville, Georgia.

SN Miracles Foundations, the company's non-profit charitable organization, which provides MIRACLES (i.e. financial relief and support) to US Veterans who are homless, developmental disabilities organizations, children with HIV/AIDS, as well as, providing educational scholarships within Baltimore, Maryland and Starkville, Mississippi. Since January 2007, SN Miracles Foundation has provided Alternative Caregivers with financial support and assistance. Alternative Caregivers is a personal care home providing services to individuals with developmental disabilities and behavioral health. "Each quarter since 2007, SN Miracles has been bringing miracles to life for us. Everything from beds, clothing, financial assistance with utility bills and so many other needs", states Dewayne B. Welch, Alternative Caregivers Owner. Currently, the foundation is in negotiations to host a national event.


Allen Townes Casting team of Senwot Nella Media is seeking EXPERIENCED Actors. The directors of several projects need talented actors of ages 15 and up, all looks, body types/sizes, races, heights, etc. Seniors, Latinos, and Asians are strongly encouraged to submit. CLICK HERE to view the projects.

contact@snfilms.net please put in the subject line: CASTING Agent.

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Suite 530-117
Snellville, Georgia 30039

Writing/Developing will start up again in June 2017 on Director Maurice's most prize possession, "The Dark Worm Hole". This epic sci-fi motion picture was to star Kevin F. Allen as Jefferson Briggs, the captaion of the space vessel Callisto. Mr. Allen decided to decline moving forward with the project as the leading character, currently a replacement for the role has not been decided. "It's been years getting this project off the ground, funding seems to be the most difficult problem because sci-fi is so expensive. But we have an excellent story which is the reason it continues to live", stated Director Maurice. Filming started 4 years ago and then the project was placed on hold because of conflicting filming schedules of Director Maurice and 2 Executive Producers. The project has be placed on hold once again until the leading role has been filled. Director Maurice states, "my sci-fi baby is scheduled to begin production first QTR 2016 and I'm doing everything in my power to keep that date. The hunt is on for a leading actor to protray Captain Jefferson Briggs." A new release date for the motion picture has not been established.




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Senwot Nella Films TV Commercial Packages are designed to allow small and medium size businesses to compete for customers on a level playfield with larger corporations. If interested email contact@snfilms.net please place TV Spot in the subject line.


Senwot Nella Media's Sales Department is ready to assist you with placing your Product / Business / Service in one of our projects. If interested contact Austin Kimbro for details at (877) 929-3678 or email akimbro@snfilms.net.


From the opening scene, this drama series give an unapologetic tour of the vices its cast possesses. A viewer will recognize him or herself in many of these unremitting characters, but few will be willing to confess. The FUNDING Campaign has been launched. PLEASE help us.



Join the dynamic employees of Senwot Nella Media. The following positions are available: broadcast sales, director, producer, editor, and production crew members. More Details


Shannon L. Crawford joins Senwot Nella Media as the Vice President Of Sounds. Crawford who's known in the music indy industry as Hollywood Kid is the owner and founder of Hollywood Kid Entertainment Group (HKEG), a full service music company specializing in all areas of music entertainment.